Agent for Goverment
The Family Man

Working in high stress government jobs for the past 25 years, my life was very messy. Having a high level clearance with the government means you keep so many things to your self.  That came in handy because I was living a double life in many ways.  I had secrets my whole life, and I did not know how much of an affect they had on my life.

We stayed together, my wife and I because we loved each other. The stress was very high some days.  I knew that if I didn’t do something life was not going to get any better.  We had heard about Dan so I committed to making that first call.

My first time with Dan, there was something about him that was so different.  He was very open and transparent about he works and what he was sensing.  I had a history of being in therapy in the past but never with a coach.  He explained the difference, and began guiding my thinking from our very first session. The assignments started and at first I was hesitant to do any of them.

After our oldest daughter decided to attend college in Somalia we went with her for two months as she got settled in.  I have never enjoyed my family so much in my entire life. My son was laughing at my humor, my wife was engaging in a totally new type of conversation with me, and I felt so happy. In the past, I would not have gone with my family, and it would have been torcher to be in a third world country around people I did not know. Now it was like I was alive, and vibrant.  Dan spend about 6 months with me. I remember the conversation we had that changed it all for me. Recounting my high school years, and the subsequent secrets that drove behaviors that no one knew about was painful and exhausting. My mind was resistant to going to any of these events, yet I felt safe with Dan.

Hugs are not my life style. Neither is standing close. My children hub me, my wife leans in holds me and it feels so good. This all happened after I learned some simple principles that make so much sense.  I don’t believe in luck, but this felt like luck. Having Dan’s insight and guidance was one of the luckiest things that ever happened in my world. Lets just say that the last time I saw Dan, I chose to give him the biggest hug.

I promised to keep him informed of how I was doing.