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Pain Killers

In college I suffered knee and back injuries. I finished my degree, married my best friend and began my career.  Five years into my career I was still suffering from the pain of my college injuries.  I refused to take too many pain meds because I did not want to become addicted.  I was so careful to be upfront with my doctors about what I wanted.  The stress of my job was creating internal stress and I was hospitalized for appendicitis.  Three days later I was release.  On the following Tuesday my boss called me into his office, shut the door and ask what was going on. I lied and said I was fine.  He gave me the rest of week off and I went home.

My wifes mother lives close, and takes every med you can think of.  I had been stealing her pain meds for about a year, and no one knew.  When some of them came up missed, I was livid and acted as if I knew nothing. Then it all came apart as I  was caught red handed by my wife after she found the empty bottle in the baby bag at 0ur house. That was the same week my boss gave the week off.

The call to Dan was not easy.  I live hundreds of miles away. He knew some of my family members, as they live in the same town as his office. He knew of me.  I don’t cry, and refused to cry that day. Dan stated he had a lot of respect for me, as a professional. I own property in that communty and have business there. The reveal to him was not easy. Make this go away was all I could think of.

Most importantly for me, Dan is not a “lets make this work” kind of coach. He was serious with me about the level of deception I had falled into, and the patterns that I was establishing in every area of my life.  That is when I cried. Feeling someone gets you, knows you, and truly cares for you has to be a skill. Dan has that skill.  We worked on me and I began the journey of restoring my self integrity.

Three years later, it was all gone. I had moved again, and was now in a new job with more pressure and responsibilty. Having the oversight of hundreds of others, I knew I needed to get it together. My direct boss questioned me one day about what I was doing different. There was obvious change in how I was handing the job, and they were now considering offering me a top management position.  My boss knew my struggle with the addiction years earlier. I told him I had reconected with my coach Dan again. “Good,” he said “it shows. Keep the good work”. That was a powerful moment, realizing how important it was for me to be aware of needing help and reaching out for it.

Becoming my best self, hearing truth and doing the work has changed me from the inside out.  My inner joy, my wife, my personals relationship, my co-worker, and just as importantly my world continues to embrace this new way of living for me. I have learned how to live openly, and in integrity.