Googled Local Counselors

We moved from New Mexico a few months before. As a blended family, it has not been easy to get the parenting, relationship and career all aligned up. We moved here for my husband’s job, and it is a 14 hour 6 day a week job. We are committed to making the relationship work. This job is temporary as he works up in management. We have been together over 8 years and marriage only 2 years. Neither of us knew how hard this transition was going to be.

Being from a larger city. we usually googled things. I did that typical google search and Dan was the closest counselor.  Living in Rural Kansas, there isn’t a lot of services available.  After leaving a message, Dan returned my call with a few hours. He was so alive and interested in what was happening. We agreed to meet late in the evening in his office.  We did not have child care, and Dan was so open to the idea of just bringing them. We really needed help.

The first time was almost a disaster. Three small children, a tired husband at our first meeting. Both of us have attended counseling in the past.  My anxiety was calmed almost as soon as we walked into the office.  Dan was upfront that his style of working with couples is more a coaching style. He helped us get the kids busy, heard our story and began to share insight about how to move forward.  It was a bit longer of a session since we were the last ones that evening. On the way home we both commented on how insightful and caring Dan was.

We have continued to see Dan as a couple and me for some individual work.  I made friends in our community, with Dan’s help, and have a baby sitter now that gives us time alone.  The coaching and education Dan uses is so easy to understand and relate too. He was so fun, present and has a great sense of humor. The challenge for anyone seeing Dan would be allowing him to truly see you.  He is so easy to talk too and has a very kind heart.  He explained to me that part of the coaching process is to teach the skill of how to be a true friend, be vulnerable and care.  When you learn this skill, he said, you can take on the world.   My marriage relationship was rough for while but we are making it work.  I am applying the skills I am learning to every relationship.  The marriage isn’t perfect. These new skills make so much sense.  Thanks, Dan