Sarah Ray
Medical Professional
Getting Married

This is a love story. Really.  I love me.

Who knew this was going to be the way life turned out. It was my second marriage and I was determined to not let it end. The forever in me meant forever. The idea of being with a life coach began after I crashed one day. Someone recommended Dan so I called. As a professional I had very little interest in talking about my past, my first marriage and especially my mom.  The stress was so high my closest friends were unrelenting. See someone. Anyone.

The past four years have been unbelievably hard.  What I learned was what I already knew. I was worth more than I was getting.  The divorce from my husband was not the hardest part of this path. It was being single, and making the commitment to be single while my mind settled all the crap it had inside it.  Coaching was not for me. I didn’t wanted coaching I wanted answers. God seemed to know what was best, and I got a coach who knew how to handle my attitude, my stubbornness and my quit whit.

I have been in Dan’s world for over four years. I see him a few times a year now.  Imagining life without the journey of Dan being in it is unfathomable.  We did talk about my past, but not the way I expected.  He taught me how to approach truth as “It’s Just True”. The way we moved toward being my best self was a bit painful. Being cared for by Dan is someone you have to experience. “That makes sense” was something I said so often. That is because it “just makes sense” the way our past creates the current person.  And then I did the work.

Everyone I work with tells me all the time how much I have changed.  I see it, too. The happiness, joy, feeling of being alive is so wonderful.  I know I did the work. Dan said he would fire me if I didn’t. I think he was kidding. I did the homework, the assignments and the tasks.  Nothing could have predicted the outcome.  Doing some simple assignments and then seeing the internal change as a result of the assignments fascinating.

And then! It happened. Dan predicted that my life would change for the better. If I focused on being my best self, followed these simple skills and practiced them, life would be different.

We, well I, never expected to find the man of my dreams. At this age, and no am not saying how old I am, I would have never believed I could be so much in love. And it all began when Dan taught me how to love ME!

I am married now to this man, the man that showed up in my world. He is the most wonderful human being ever.  I deserve all the happiness I can get out of life.  If you want to see someone who will be so truth, so kind, so loving, and yet so honest, see Dan. It’s the God inside him that I  Love.