Manufacture Plant Owner
Business Growth

There was a time when I felt I knew everything about running a business.  My business was thriving, sort of. It was like things would go well for while, and then something would happen and there I was again. I was in the middle of some drama that was always showing up. I was always putting out fires. I hired, I thought, competent people. They knew what I wanted and how I wanted things done. Explaining it to them, and going over the details always went well, yet not long after it was like I was wasting my breath.  It was a cycle.

No one could seem to make me happy and I was not getting the results I wanted.  One of my business associates told me that he had used Dan in the past. He suggested I contact Dan about the frustration I was feeling.

There are some things we just don’t learn in life soon enough. The idea that these principles that we often make fun of are actually causing the issues was novel to me. Self fullfilling prophecy was a weird one. How in the world was I contributing to my business failure.

“You cannot see yourself unless you look at a picture of you” were Dan’s first words.  I saw me from my own perspective. I was not seeing the whole picture of my business and how I was contributing to the issues. A few months into the coaching  my wife was seeing me change and asked how it was going.  It was the  question I knew the answer to.  Dan, with some work, helped me discover the things I was doing that were contributing the problems.  We did an evaluation, and then did we work on what needed to change.  I was the issue.  Dan showed me some simple rules and principles that I was breaking and when I saw them, I knew he was right.  Happiness and profit in my business can happen at the same time. I had the idea that  happiness was not possible in business. Hard work and making things happen was what how I operated.

Today, I work three or four days a week. I have a team that takes care of all the details and I grow the business by following leadership rules.  Structure for me had to happen in how I approached my life and the business.  Anyone who works for themselves, and puts in more than 40 hours a week and yet cannot seem to get a head, needs a good business coach.

Dan knows his limits and what he is capable of what he is not capable of. He only worked on the things he knows he did well. That was awesome to see. Dan is a no nonsense “this works” kind of approach.  We worked on my ability to let go, trust, how to hold others accountable in the right way, what a “NO” really meant, and how to use outside resources for things I should not have been doing my self. The freedom in learning how to make good choices was so worth it.  As I said, I wondered why I had not learned these principles before hand.