Career and life assessment tools include the wheel of life tool. Questions on this tool offer great insight into the needs you have and changes necessary to improve and move toward the real goals you have. Happiness is never about accomplishing a goal, it is about

include the Wheel of Life tool questions on this tool offer great insight into the needs, you have, and the changes that might be necessary to improve and move toward the goals you have. I mean the real goals that you have happiness is never about accomplishing a goal. It is about the journey.  Often when we think about the journey, we think about the difficulties that are along the path.

What will happen in career assessment is we’ll look at all of the 12 different areas of your life. The process includes diving deep into the areas where you are very successful and have high scores. And then we will look at the areas that are not so high.

Life is about a balance of improving every area, and learning how to enjoy the areas that you’re doing well in period,

the different areas include relationships, intimate relationships, spirituality. career.

Friendships finances.




Notice the clear life wheel that is here. This life we’ll has 12 different circles, even in this brief assessment, you can actually feel it out. If you print off this PDF, you’ll be able to give yourself a score and each one of these areas from zero to 20, period. 20, being where you are doing really well in that area, and zero, obviously or a low number anyway, where you’re not doing well.

There are approximately 20 questions for each one of these areas. And in the life assessment. We will actually cover those in detail.

It takes about 12 weeks to complete the career life assessment.

And typically at the end of that we have put together a plan for the next 12 months to work on each one of those life areas for a period of at least 30 days. That can be done with or without my help, but the process is about making sure you have a plan to improve the years in the future are going to go by. And so over the next 12 months, having a plan for each of the month, and each one of these areas is the best way to have success in those areas.

Because the life plan assessment tool is about the journey. It’s not about accomplishing something, it’s about learning how to enjoy and process the things that happen life journey is often difficult when we don’t know how to negotiate things that show up that are uncomfortable or difficult in the life assessment process. We will cover the bumps and detours that happen in the areas that are difficult,

because we don’t know anything, because we don’t know everything about everything.

Some of these assessments will be referred to someone else to help you with the areas such as finances and reaching out for guidance or parenting, or intimate relationships.

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