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Here are 8 important steps to making life changing decisions.


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There is always something new happening. Some new training, new idea, or new class ore webinar. All that information is right here, including any past events that might be available.



With a wide variety of topics, the articles touch on most every area of life. Life is about life, connection, and living life fully. The idea that we can live life the way we want is expressed in almost every article.



In person coaching can be one of the most rewarding types of interactions. It provides a more interpersonal connection for both the coachee and the coach.



Clients are met on with using Zoom. This face to face call is secure and allows for more intimate connection as apposed to a phone call. Phone calls, emails, and text messages are also part of on line coaching.



Video blogging is new for me. I have a few select vids here. I have , however, taught and videoed all of my classes. There are excerpts from some of my classes here.



There are several book outlines in the works. Check here often to see the progress.



I don't know who you are, but i'll find you and i'll help you.


These coaching descriptions are the different type of coaching. Each area includes a free 1/2 hour phone call.

1. Goal oriented solution oriented sessions.

2. Life Review and typical 5 – 10 year goals.

3. Power Goals Including , Career or Life Partner assessments, Meditation Training, Morning Routine Training and Life Enrichment Goal Setting. Spiritual Walk Alignment is available on request. 

4. Intensive 90 day make over with fast turn around on meeting quick goals, Boot Camp style training one day per month three consecutive months.

** See definitions below

Any one of these can be incorporated into a coaching practice. The number of sessions to compete them are listed. 

CF – Clarity Focus: 15% of the top performers in any field of expertise are a 4.9 of 5 scale. This translates into a high level of focus on who they are, what they are about, and where they are going. Getting clear on who, what, and where are the needle movers in success. You will create an action, get clarity on important decisions to move forward, how to follow through, and building the supports needed for success. 6 Sessions.

CLA – Career Life Assessment: full review of career path and future focus. This training covers the historical patterns, familial, and current life situation. Dreams and Goals are achieved by being aware of the trends and hinderance. This is two sessions of training and can be part of the current package or added to the package for an additional two-session charge. 1 or 2 sessions.

LC –Listening Class: How to listen and engage in conversation is a lost art. If you are in sales, management, HR, have employees, are a parent (yes, this works for parenting), have a strong understanding of how to get someone to do what you want is always directly related to listening. The Power Of Listening transforms and deepens relationships, affects employee retention, builds solidarity between fellow employees, and removes the boundary between owner, manager, and worker. 2 sessions.

TB – Team Buiding: We hear a lot about team building, and sometimes the effectiveness is challenged by activities instead of conversation. Teams that work well together TALK WELL to each other. Providing an atmosphere where everyone can get along is real TEAM BUILDING. This includes emotional regulation, expression with clarity, effective direct communication. 2 sessions.

LPA – Life partner Assessment: an intense review of life and how to find that life partner. This training covers assessing current lifestyle, perfect fit, and unrealistic expectations. It also includes a focus on changing behavior and awareness of beliefs that hinder finding a partner. This two sessions of training and can be part of the current package or added to the package for an additional two-session charge. 3 sessions.

MT – Meditation Training: intense meditation training typically two sessions with ongoing reviews. Learning includes breathing technics, body posture, and mindfulness technics. Additional material is suggested for purchase. This two sessions of training and can be part of the current package or added to the package for an additional two-session charge. 2,4, or 6 sessions.

MRT – Morning Routine Training: Create a morning routine that is flexible, and that works long term. The value of a morning routine can’t be understated. ALL successful individuals have a morning routine. This assessment training is intense and included follow up to allow for adjustments. Journaling, Meditation, and Exercise are three components. 1 session.

LEG – Life Enrichment Goal setting: understanding the importance of every area of life enhancement and setting life goals for each. Up to 12 different areas are focused on, witch each one having a purpose. Moving intentionally toward these areas brings about a fullness and wholeness in life that many do not experience. This is a minimum of 10 sessions of training and can be part of the current package or added to the package for an additional session charge. 10 sessions.

SWA – Spiritual Walk Alignment: learning how to use your God walk or spiritual being to live life more abundantly. Our spiritual walk is unique to each of us. How to connect within alignment with our values and choices is a powerful skill. Faith comes in all kinds of ways. This learning is how to bring confidence into your life in a more tangible way. 2 sessions