I had to learn a lot of things the hard way in my life!

Did life turn out the way you wanted it to? I had to learn a lot of things the hard way in my life. I didn't ask questions, and I didn't as for help. My life was about doing it my way.

And that didn't work out very well. Five careers later I finally discovered something. My brain, body, and mind were not always on the same page. What my "learning" taught most of us along the way is we have to figure it out. We have to fail to get it. ARG!  

Shocker: I have been fired 4 times from jobs (let go a few times sounds less harsh). Weird how life teaches you the hard way when you don't learn it growing up. Now, as a Life Coach and Counselor since 2005, life is a lot better. My satisfaction in life is much higher now!  We all have to learn things in life! Which leads to: What is life about?

Your gonna like this one. What I think about life is not important. What YOU think about life is very important. Your current life is exactly the combination of your past and current belief systems, wrapped up in your willingness to either tolerate or endure the circumstances you are in. OR your life is filled with new and exciting adventures, love, joy, and happiness based on the way you react to what is happening around you.

Just for fun, take this quiz and see how well you do on the happiness scale? Use the following scale: 1 - not at all. 2 - Maybe a little. 3 - Not sure 4 - More often yes than no. 5 - Yes

1. How satisfied are you with how life is turning out? 1 - 5
2. Are you satisfied with the important things in life you have gotten so far? 1 - 5
3. Is the quality of your friends where you would like it to be? 1 - 5
4. I am satisfied with the circumstances in my life right now? 1 - 5
5. If life was a redo, I would change nothing! 1 - 5

Now here is how to score yourself!

21 - 25 score - Life is good and you are doing well
16 - 20 score - Life is average but you are coping. Moments of happiness
11 - 15 score - Life is about going through the motions with little motivation
5 - 10 score - Life is harder than you want with more struggles than happiness

Now, don't take this test personally and think life is horrible if you don't score well. There are many factors here. However, you can be sure that this test should get you thinking about your LIFE! 

Where is your score? What are you doing to have the life you wanted?

Here is a cool test that mirrors this one! See how you do!

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