Hi, I’m Dan !

I havd been working as a counselor since 2005. I have written and taught classes on many topics. I have a no-nonsense approach to life. My style is unique and very effective. I began transitioning into a coaching/education model in my private practice in 2009. Now I  spend most of my time developing  my material for online classes.

This is my daughter. Family is very important to me.

Growing me… Growing You…

My Mission

Growing me… Growing You…

Three years ago, I wrote about how my journey unfolded through the influence of my life’s experiences and the people in my world. I have had three more years to grow and if I were writing the same article today, it would still have many of the same thoughts, but in an expanded version. It would now look something like this…

My first years in Missouri were spent near Iowa.  Thinking back it seems like it was cold all the time. Farmers were everywhere.  Getting outside and working around the cows with my dad are part of my favorite memories of that time in life. Although these encounters only happened on occasion, I was learning to love the outdoors and hard work. Dad was a Methodist minister and had six kids and a wife to provide for.   Watching dad work hard had an impact on me and instilled a strong work ethic inside of me.  Those years began my journey of seeing hard work as an important part of a successful life and continue to influence who I am today.

However, the hard work did not always pay off because no matter how hard I worked I had not found that sense of belonging in what I was doing.  There was a restless feeling inside of me. It was not until my forties that things began to connect deep inside of me and was strongly implying there is more for me to do. Even though I could not yet identify what was stirring me so intensely, I knew it was something I was born to do and I became determine to pursue it with a passionate commitment.

An interesting part of my journey is that I change jobs about every five or six years.   Realizing that we are not what we do for a living, hindsight has given me some great insight in understanding that we are what we think we are while we are developing our potential through our work. It took me some time to get that concept.

What is my mission? Becoming who I am through unique gifts, talents, and abilities as well as developing strong skills from my fullest potential is my heart’s desire. Becoming a self-assured man, knowing that I have done my part through exemplified endurance, and feeling confident that I have done my absolute best is part of my yearning.   Sharing learned truths that has the potential to change the world is the mindset I want to travel in!    Helping and influencing those who have buried their truth and are struggling with an internal yearning not yet understood, is a strong motivator in my determination.   Coaching others to become alive in the moment by speaking their own truth and working toward an engaging transformation is living my dream.

My view is I have seen favor that enabled my success. Looking back I can see that favor has always been leading and guiding me all the way.   As other great men and scholars have taught and influenced me my hope is that in sharing my story, my journey, and insights gained along the way will impact those I spend time with and who are under my leadership. God has a place and a purpose for all of us in this world.  Finding mine as I continue in growth and change I believe I have been commissioned to influence my world, and my culture.

Through personal experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained in my continuing journey my vision is always changing. Transitioning in change appears to be a trait that has been generously given me.   Change might be inside me because I feel the urgency of the day.  The truth is, I see a world where the people of God become so real with themselves and God that they “just have to become the person He created them to be.”

I love what I do.  Each year another component joins the plan as I step up to the next level of where God is leading me. I love how God confirms my mission through those he presents into my world. I love His consistent commitment to assure me that I am moving in the right direction.

Daniel C Clark




Teaching is one of my passions. I have taught and written all kinds of classes.  From Listening skills, to teaching women how to move out of being stuck, to transformation,  marriage, to men and anger.

  • Couples / Singles learning Life Skills
  • Practical learning experience with Life Skills
  • Assignments and Homework to perfect the skills
  • Working with local schools, churches and organizations
  • Various addictions helping families cope with the affects of their family member’s addiction

Life Coaching




Teenagers / College Students